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Naturally Dyeing: How To

Wanna know how I do it? Here's some information on how I dye naturally, forage and process my yarn!

Stuff We Love...

Here is a collection of things that we love here at Yarn Over Floyd! From books to yarns, to things we use on the daily to help our little business grown and thrive. This page contains affiliate links. We make a small commission off of them at no cost to you through Amazon. If you're interested in more information, please let us know! 


My Number 1 go-to dye book!
If we met at a show, you asked me a question, or took a class from me, I've probably suggested this be the book you start with. Wild Color by Jenny Dean is the best starting point of anyone interested in dipping their toe in or jumping head first into naturally dyeing anything. 

Here's the next book you want to get to dive a little deeper into the world of natural dyes. Per the title, it goes deeper into the science behind the chemicals, color shifting, mordanting, and fibers of the craft. 

Thinking about taking your crochet craft to the next level? Check out this book by Toni Lipsey of TLYarnCrafts. It's a comprehensive book to get you started with over 60 patterns and beginner stitch guidence. 

This little notebook was designed by my pal Kelsea at Dark Yarn Craft. She's put a lot of care into these books - the velvety texture on the outside, and pages full of lines or dots! This one is a sweet little dot journal I use for pattern design.

Our Maker Life came out with a wonderful coffee table book a few years ago that really speaks to the beauty of our craft. A lot of great articles, stories, and patterns are waiting for you in here! 

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