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Hi! I'm Siobhan

Hello there! My name is, Siobhan, and I'm the lady behind the hook and pots here at Yarn Over Floyd. I wanted to share with you my passion for yarn dyeing, farming, family and crocheting! I started out crocheting when I lived in the hills of North Carolina and taught myself, my fiber love slowly grew into a natural dying. Since my first passion is my family and our farm, there will be plenty of that too! My husband, daughters and I live on our family farm here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia.

I can't even tell you what got me interested in crocheting, but I do remember the amazing amount of curves that were on the edges of my first scarf. I loved the yarn, turquoise, and made of bamboo, but the scarf was hideous and I probably tore it out 5 times before I relented to finding something else to make. Every now and then I come across that turquoise yarn and laugh. 

Over the past few years since that scarf, I've tried to expand my skills with each new pattern I try. I graduated into blankets, hats, animals, and now garments. Every now and then I can't find a pattern specifically for what I want so I go ahead and write one out. Designing patterns has turned out to be a lot of fun, and you'll find a few of them here. 

I've always been interested in history and where our roots grow from. Moving to the mountains of Virginia I've become even more engrossed with learning how to do things the way our ancestors did in the past. Not only for nostalgia but to get back to the simplicity that was, all those years ago. Making use of what we have here on the farm and grow in our garden quickly leaped into my passion for yarn. I started foraging, collecting, and saving what we had here to put into pots and dye my yarn. Our community here in Floyd is rich with people wanting to be more natural, live more simply and enjoy the pleasures nature has to offer. I've really enjoyed being able to utilize scraps from the kitchen, spent flowers from the garden, and weeds that grow wild on the roadsides. 

I hope you'll join me and my crew in this crazy adventure! Sign up to follow our newsletter, follow us on Instagram or shoot me an email so we can get to know each other! 

Thanks so much for stopping by our little piece of the web! Check out some of my favorite things below. 

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