Cochineal Dye  
Dactylopius coccus

This little scaled insect is primarily found in subtropical North and South America. It's a parasitic insect that lives on cacti and feeds off the plant's moisture and nutrients. The females produce a carminic acid that deters predation of other insects. This dye became incredibly saught after in the colonial period and was exported all over the world including all the way to India. 


Fingering Weight Sock Blend - 75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 463yds | 100g | 3oz 

DK Lux - 40% Superfine Alpaca, 40% Merino, 20% silk | 1-ply | 252yds | 100g | 3oz

DK Cable - 100% SW Merino | 8-ply | 274yds | 100g | 3oz

Pima Cotton - 100% Pima Cotton | 4-ply | 218yds | 100g | 3oz

Worsted - 100% SW Merino | 8-ply | 218yds | 100g | 3oz

Bulky - 100% SW Merino | 3-ply | 106yds | 100g | 3oz

Super Bulky - 180% SW Merino, 20% Nylon | 1-ply | 76yds | 100g | 3oz

Naturally dyed yarn will mature gracefully. Keep out of direct sunlight & hand wash when necessary with a gentle soap. 
Dyed naturally in Floyd, VA 

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    Yarn Over Floyd yarns are dyed naturally by owner Siobhan in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd County Virginia. All of our yarns are hand rinsed, air dried and sent to you with love from our farm. 

    Want updates for new dye recipes and when yarn is ready to for your purchasing pleasure? 

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