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How the Kluck said 'Moo'

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

I was raised in the city. To this day, I find myself wondering how I made it here and how thankful I am!

My mother and I were a duo, growing up. We moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia and then Maryland while I was a little. I always had a strong love for horses, or so I thought. Graduating High School, I decided to go deeper into my passion for science and horses by studying Animal & Poultry Sciences at Virginia Tech. Little did I know, the second half of that degree is where my true passion lay.

Working with chickens in college led me to Joshua. He brought me back to his home town and I fell in love. Floyd, VA is where he grew up and unlike many small towns, it's been shifting and changing since he left. In the Blue Ridge Mountains, on this side of the Parkway, the tourist traffic is heavy. Many artists and music lovers have settled here and share their crafts.

Alongside the farmers and family's that have been here for generations, everyone brings something to the table.

Josh and I each had a dog when we met. Molly and Larkin fell in love before we did and they've been inseparable since. After marrying Joshua, we added 3 angus cows and started our herd. We live on his family farm and help care for the cattle and the land. Thinking we were helping the land, we added 8 goats. They're really more trouble sometimes, but they're great brush eaters. Since then we've added 2 kittens and 2 babies.

Every year we cut and bale our own hay for the cows, and grow an extensive garden. Josh's real aspiration is to have a "garden that looks good from the road, you want people to drive by and be jealous!" As we've gotten better at growing more and more things, I've gotten better at cooking them and then using them in my dye pots for my yarn. I've probably planted marigolds every year for 5 years now. This year, finally, I have nice plants, and not just nice...but HUGE! It turns out, they dye a beautiful yellow yarn.

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