Autonomy Fundraising

Autonomy Fundraising


These greens were specially curated for the release of Romi's Autonomy Bandana which was designed by Romi to raise funds for abortion access. The pattern releases 7/7/22 at midday Pacific time. $7 from each sale goes to the New River Abortion Access Fund (where I volunteer). 


This action is inspired by the woman wearing green in protests all over the world (starting in Argentina almost 20 years ago) The pattern is very simple and takes only about 100-110 years of DK wool. Green is the color of growth, health, life, hope, & creation. 


Colors from top to bottom 

1. Hydrangea (Fingering/Sock) 

2. French Marigold (Fingering/Sock) 

3. Rudbeckia (Worsted) 

4. Holly Hock (Fingering/Sock)

5. Hydrangea (Fingering/Sock)

6. Yellow Marigold (Fingering/Sock)

7. French Marigold (Fingering/Sock)

8. Blue Hydrangea (Fingering/Sock)

9. Goldenrod & Iron (DK)

10. Logwood & Weld (DK) this is really hunter green. 

11. French Marigold with Logwood specs (Fingering/Sock)

12. French Marigolds (DK)

13. Goldenrod & Iron (DK)

14. Blue Hydrangea (Fingering/Sock)